Cabinets containing index cards are arranged as follows:-

  1. In alphabetical order as to titles.
  2. In alphabetical order as to authors.
  3. As subject index.

The Staff will render all possible help to a member in search of any particular book. For the reader who may be interested in a particular subject he/she will explain the Dewey Decimal Classification so that the reader can either look for the books among those of the particular subject number on the shelves, or study that section in the subject cards. The System, presently being updated with software that focuses on exact format of presentation and is very user friendly, will be notified and explained by the staff as required when it is finally functional.


New Books are chosen by the Committee and also from Library suggestions made by the Members in the Suggestion Book, which is kept with reception on the ground floor.

Preference is given to material of general reading and member, friendly (including children) and light entertainment/leisurely reading subjects.

Books are ordered usually once a month and care is taken to cater for all tastes.

Lists of New books received by the Library during the past twelve month will be found on the table on the ground floor. Staff will offer all assistance in this.


On arrival books are placed on view for 7 days to enable members to see them.

The first suggestion for a book recorded in the Suggestion Book shall be considered the claim on that book.

Members may register for two new books only or books in circulation by writing their names on the Claims Book on the Issue table. When the book becomes available the Librarian shall notify members in order of their claims, and shall reserve the book for them till 7.00 pm the following day.


Reminder Cards are not customary in Library administration and are sent merely as a matter of courtesy. There is no obligation on the part of the Library to send Reminder Cards. Members borrowing these books are wholly responsible for compliance and fees/penalties payment for any transaction non compliance. The due date of return is marked inside the cover of every book issued out. Unless books are returned on or before this date, penalties will be imposed and recovered before next transaction on official receipt. Exceptions in special cases, on merit, are solely at discretion of Admin (normally Hon. Secretary or a staff member delegated by him).


Periodicals when received are immediately placed on the tables in the Reading Room. These are ordered yearly and sold by auction half – yearly. Immediately on receipt of periodicals, the old copies are removed from the tables and given to the successful bidding purchasers. An auction sale is held normally in the month of January for the periodicals dating from 1st January to 30th June and another in the month of July for periodicals dating from 1st July to 31st Dec. A list showing the periodicals to be auctioned, with blank columns for bids to be filled in by purchasers, is placed at the Issued Table a month before the sale.

The list will be taken down at 6.00 pm on the date given on the list. If bidders are present at that time the Honorary Secretary (or Committee Member designated by him) shall sell the papers by public auction.

Members who are unable to be present at the final auction sale may send their maximum bid to the Honorary Secretary well in time who will bid for the papers on their behalf.

Old Books

Years of last use of fiction from active shield.

After 7-8 years of last use, the fiction books in active shelf. Books are considered as old and are removed from the recent shelf and placed in for disposal among readers on certain pre decided marginal money.

  • New fiction books may not be borrowed beyond for 7 days, but those exceeding 350 pages in length may be kept for 14 days, and those exceeding 500 pages in length for 21 days. New Non-Fiction books may be kept for 14 days but those exceeding 350 pages in length may be kept for 21 days and those exceeding 500 pages in length for one month “Recent” books may be kept for 21 days and old books for one month.
  • In order to keep New Books in circulation no new book will be issued to any other member of the same family.

Scale of Books

To be borrowed by members and their children and duration will be notified through circulars to all eligible members / subscribers.

Note: Members who wish to take more than the authorized number of books may do so on payment of an extra subscription as per prevailing rules. Members who take old books on tour (as above) may retain them for a period not exceeding three month provided.

  1. They notify the issue clerk of their intention to do so, and
  2. No other member asks for them (in this case they must be returned if, or when, the ordinary time of the one month is up.)

A fresh set may be sent at a member’s own expense.