Rules of The United Services Library


  1. This Library shall be called the United Services Library.
  2. Those entitled to use it, shall be divided into 4 classes;
    • Life Members on a donation/as decided by the Committee but not below Rs.25000/- as subsequently amended by USL Management in subsequent years, to be effective from the next financial year.
    • Poona Club Members, paid for, by a block covering contract for all PCL members, for the use of Library except book borrowing.
    • Lady Subscriber Members of the Poona Club Ltd.
    • Subscriber Members – charges for each category for Library use and book borrowing facility are specified and revised periodically along with Book borrowing fees for PCL members.

    All permanent Members and Gymkhana Subscribers of PCL including Life members and Senior Citizens, come under category (b).

    Class (d) consists of Non – Poona Club Members and their wives and they join library under following conditions: They can only become subscribers by written application to the Hon. Secretary accompanied by the signature of two members or subscribers of at least 3 years standing who support their application.

    Such application must be accepted by a majority of the members of the Managing Committee.

  3. Subscribers shall pay in advance according to the following rates;


Single or Married/Spouse
Rs. 1600/-

(Subject to review by the Mg. Committee, duly notified to members for renewal each year on 1st April.)

Children (up to 21 yrs.)
Rs. 300/- per child
  1. The admission fees for subscribers to balance similar charges made annually by PCL for its member, in addition one time joining fee. All subscribers shall pay a deposited of Rs.3000/- which will be refunded, less any amount outstanding, or his/her resigning and presenting the original deposits receipts with refund application. Members and Subscriber’s Dependents viz. children may not visit the Library unless they join on payment as applicable and notified per additional member. The clerk concerned has to be informed when the subscription has to be discontinued of the end of the financial year (in Advance). As a further safe guard the facility of using Library and Book borrowing facility is made contingent on payment every year after 01St April at the reception desk of Library.
  2. Subscribers who have failed to pay their subscriber’s subscription by the end of 31 March of year shall cease to be members of the Library effective following 1st April unless this is paid in full.
  3. No refund of subscription shall be allowed except on special permission of the Managing Committee and no books shall be issued, till first subscription of the year plus any previous outstanding and pending, has been paid.
  4. A lady or gentleman, not a resident of Poona who is staying in Poona as the guest of a member can be introduced to the Library as a guest of that member during a period not exceeding 7 days at a time on payment of Rs. 50/- per day. The same guest may not be introduced more than three time in any one calendar year.

    The visitor’s Book must be signed by both the guest and host member before the Library is used and guest fee paid prior to entrance.

  5. Subscribers, wishing to resign, shall give written notice to the Hon. Secretary before commencement of the next financial year. No resignation will be accepted until all books are returned and all arrears paid.
  6. Whereas the annual subscription / book borrowing fees is related to and valid only for the calendar year of uses, the registration fee is once-in-life time.


  1. The affairs of the Library shall be managed by a committee of 12 of which the Secretary of the Poona Club Ltd, and the Treasure of the Poona Club Ltd, and one member nominated by President of PCL will be the nominated Ex-officio members. The Trustees and Managing committee members will be elected every 5 years. The Elected President (only from PCL members), Hony. Secretary and Hony. Treasurer and remaining 8 members shall be elected at the same meeting from amongst the members, of which not more than 4 may be subscriber members.

    Every elected member will have a cooling period of one term after each tenure except President, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer, who may serve two terms in the interest of continuity unless they decline the second term. All these three will be elected and serve as the Trustees and, simultaneously, Executive Members of the managing committee during their tenure.

    1. All three Executive Committee Members (President, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer) are to be from PCL Members.
  1. Any post not contested or voted for in the election, will be filled up by elected committee members by co – opting non-voting members. Similarly any vacancy in the board of Trustees will be filled up by Trustees by co-opting the non voting member from amongst Poona Club members.

    All expenditure and other financial commitments will always stay with elected members.

    1. The property of the Library is vested with the Committee, but important questions affecting the general welfare of the Library must be referred to a General Meeting or a Special General Meeting for decision to be concurred by the Trustees.
    2. The control and the utilization of the funds of the U.S. Library, shall vest in the hands of the Committee and the Committee may pass suitable resolutions for this purpose and delegate powers to particular office bearers to act on behalf of the Library. Accountability of such delegated power will remain with committee who has such delegated powers.
    3. The managing committee in concurrence with the Board of Trustees are empowered to invest the Library’s Reserve or surplus funds either in Government or semi- Government securities or as Time or Call deposited with any scheduled Bank.
    4. The committee may delegate powers, by means of a resolution, to one or more office bearers of the Library to open accounts with any of the scheduled Bank and to operate upon such accounts.
    1. The Committee shall appoint one of the their members as Chairman. He will preside over the Committee Meetings. In President’s absence, and take decisions in consultation and concurrence of Hon. Treasurer or Hon. Secretary as applicable to their assigned domains.
    2. The Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer will be from PCL members. This Committee shall themselves fill up any vacancies which occur during the year.
  2. The Committee shall meet each month to select new books and deal with other business. Three shall form a quorum for procurement of the new books or any other accessories except routine admin, expenditure needs and petty maintenance expenses.
  3. Should a member of Managing Committee be absent from more than three consecutive Committee meeting, it shall be incumbent on the Committee to inquire whether he/she desires to retain office or not. In case of unsatisfactory explanation/ no response or justification the managing committee will dispense with his /her services and co-opt substitute non voting member for balance tenure of the managing committee, informing the same and obtaining his / her consent letter.
  4. Meeting of the General Body of Members shall be of two kinds;

    Ordinary and special

    1. There shall be two Ordinary General Meetings every year one in January and one in July. At these meetings the accounts of the last half year shall be laid on the table, after having been placed in the Library and reading room for at least one week before the meeting. The following books shall also be produced, if called for :The cash accounts, the minutes of the Committee meeting and of the General Body Meeting, the issue book, the suggestion book, copy of approved constitution and last year committee approved balance sheet.
    2. A Special General Meeting may be called either by Hon. Secretary or the Committee, or by the written requisition of at least 15 members stating the point or points which they require to be decided.
  5. All questions referred to a Special General Meeting for decision must be carried by two –thirds majority of those voting, there being at least 21 present. Failing a quorum they shall be left to the Committee to decide. When a question has been decided either way, it shall not be reopened for a period of one year.
  6. At least 10 days notice shall be given of any General Meeting, whether Ordinary or Special. This shall be done by notice in the Library and Reading Room. A notice shall also be sent to the Secretary of the Poona Club Ltd. General constitutional, General body meeting will be given widest publicity by using PCL circulation channels including emails as much as possible. This notice will be also be uploaded on the website.
  7. If any member wishes to bring a proposal before an Ordinary or Special General Meeting, he must send a written notice of the same to the Hon. Secretary, at least one week before the day fixed for the meeting, accompanied by the name of a seconder. The Secretary shall without delay affix a copy of the Notice to the Notice Board of the Library and send a copy to the Poona Club Ltd. for affixing on the Club Notice Board.
  8. Failing the attendance of 8 members at an Ordinary General Meeting it shall be adjourned for one week, due notice given of the same. At adjourned meeting 5 shall form a quorum. The same will apply for Special General Body Meeting. In case of adjournment in this case, however the Presiding officer will take a call for number of minimum members to take up the issue. This will be duly recorded with reasons justifying the same.
  9. The Committee may make such bye-laws consistent with these rules, as they deem advisable and alter or cancel the same from time to time as they think necessary.
  10. Any alteration of Bye –Law shall be posted on the Library Notice Board and the Poona Club Ltd Notice Board besides official website.


Mr.Sunil Handa USL - Chief Trustee (President)
Sqn.Ldr.B.R.Gulati USL - Trustee (Hon. Secretary)
Mr.Rahul Dhole Patil President's Nominated Member-PCL
Lt.Col. Ashok Sarkar PCL - CEO & Hon. Secy (Ex - Officio Member)
Mrs. Veena Mansukhani PCL - Member
Mr. Gaurav Gadhoke PCL - Member
Mrs.Shenaz Setna Subscriber Member
Mrs.Elaine Kochar Subscriber Member
Mrs.Shirin Bharucha Subscriber Member


Mrs. Effie M. Gore Library Supervisor
Subedar (Retd.) D. G. Kumbhar Library Administration Manager
Mr. Laxmikant (Chetan) Jamadar Library Receptionist-cum-Members Relations Executive.
Mr. Kiran Adagale Office Errand Boy


  1. The Library consists of two sections.
    1. The main Library which consists of Miscellaneous Literatures, Standard works, Books of reference, Fiction and Juvenile section. It shall be open from 9.30 am to 8.30 pm every day except Independence Day, Labor Day, and Republic Day. Management may declare any of these as a restricted working day between 1400 - 1900 hrs. on members’ demand.
    2. The Reading Room which contains Newspapers, Periodicals etc. shall be open during the Library timings as above.
      Note: Additionally, the conference hall on first floor is available for professional readers, literary and educational seminars, workshops, group discussions etc.
  2. The staff shall consist of a Librarian assisted by such clerks and peons as the Committee, from time to time, considers necessary and a qualified Admin /Accounts/Facilities Supervisor to oversee the operations, with help as deemed necessary.
  1. All members of the staff shall attend to the work at such times and perform such duties as assigned by the Hon. Secretary, who will be the Admin Head of the Library.
  2. The Librarian is directly responsible for the safe custody of all property belonging to the Library and for the proper performance of the duties of all paid staff who are all report to him/her as their immediate supervisor.
  3. The Librarian shall, under direction of the Hon. Secretary, maintain such accounts, registers, catalogues, etc., as may be necessary for the efficient and business like management of the Library operations and shall conduct ordinary correspondence and day to day Bank transactions.

    Admin Supervisor will circulate all such letters of routine nature internally and externally as are duly signed by the Hon. Secretary. He/ She may also send emails on behalf of the Hon. Secretary if so directed. This includes all transactions with vendors.

    Admin supervisor will keep track of all office correspondence and accounts where he/she will assist Hon. Treasurer. It will be part of her / his integrated job routine to keep track of and enter all Bills, Invoices, Petty expenses Vouchers with proper annotation on each of “Head” under which to enter these in Accounts Books.

  4. The Admin Supervisor shall bring to the notice of the Hon. Secretary any infringement of the rules on the part of any member or any Subscriber.
  5. He/ She shall report to the Hon. Secretary any irregularities on the staff functions. He / She perform HR/Welfare Functions including Leave / Attendance Record. Late arrivals/ early departures etc. authorized/ approved and otherwise for disciplinary action.
  6. At least one issue clerk and one peon shall be present at all the times when the Library and Reading Room are open. Their individual “Weekly Offs” will be so adjusted by the Admin Supervisor including switch over of these among staff members to meet emerging situations.
  7. The Librarian shall recommend a list of books in urgent need of re-bindings and of books which have become entirely unserviceable through loss of pages or any other cause. Such books shall be re-bound or re-placed by new copies where necessary, at the discretion of the Hon. Secretary. Old books beyond a certain usage or inventory period will be disposed off at a retrievable price or dispensed with at the discretion of Hon. Secretary based on recommendations of the Book review/ assessment Sub- Committee.
  8. Members who wish any new book or magazines to be placed in the Library or Reading Room, should enter the correct name in the Suggestion Book, which will be found on a special desk. The Committee will not undertake to purchase any book unless the name of the publisher and the price are given. Nor will they purchase any book which is merely ornamental or which is likely to appeal only to a narrow circle of readers.
  9. Books shall be regarded as “New” for 12 months from the date of receipt and as “Recent” for a further 12 months. Replacement shall not be considered as “New”.

    Old Books:

    Years of last use of fiction from active shield.

    After 7-8 years of last use, the fiction books in active shelf. Books are considered as old and are removed from the recent shelf and placed in for disposal among readers on certain pre decided marginal money.

  10. New fiction books may not be borrowed beyond for 7 days, but those exceeding 350 pages in length may be kept for 14 days, and those exceeding 500 pages in length for 21 days. New Non-Fiction books may be kept for 14 days but those exceeding 350 pages in length may be kept for 21 days and those exceeding 500 pages in length for one month “Recent” books may be kept for 21 days and old books for one month.
  11. In order to keep New Books in circulation no new book will be issued to any other member of the same family.
  12. Scale of Books:

    To be borrowed by members and their children and duration will be notified through circulars to all eligible members / subscribers.

    Note: Members who wish to take more than the authorized number of books may do so on payment of an extra subscription as per prevailing rules. Members who take old books on tour (as above) may retain them for a period not exceeding three month provided.

    1. They notify the issue clerk of their intention to do so, and
    2. No other member asks for them (in this case they must be returned if, or when, the ordinary time of the one month is up.)

    A fresh set may be sent at a member’s own expense.

  13. Books in the Standard Section may be taken out after signing in the issue book for the same. Reference Books may not be removed from the library Premises.
  14. Any member who keeps a book longer than the period allowed by the preceding rules shall be fined penalty @ Rs.5/-per day as per rules for the first 10 days and @ Rs. 10/- per day subsequently.

    The system of sending reminder cards asking member to return the books is purely a matter of courtesy. There is no obligation on the part of the Library to send the reminders.

    If a book is lost, the penalty due under this Bye-Law must be paid in addition to the price of the book as assessable by the committee unless the loss is reported before the due period expires.

  15. An application register shall be maintained of which member or subscribers personally register their application for books. When such a book is returned to the Library, the Librarian shall notify the members who had asked for it and shall reserve it till 7.00 pm the following 2 days.
  16. No member or subscribers shall put his name down in the application book for more than 2 new books placed for review .If However a member puts his name down for more than 2new books, only the first two shall be registered Provided, if no other member has claimed the third book the member claiming it shall be entitled to get it.
  17. The transfer of books from one Member to another is strictly prohibited. A book must be physically returned to the Librarian for checking and reducting before it can be issued. Books may not be issued more than twice to the same member and then only if the books are not required by another member. At least a week must lapse before that book can be taken out again by the same member.
  18. No book shall be removed from the Library without its number and name being entered in the issue book by the librarian or issue clerk. Members are themselves responsible that such entries are made correctly and that they sign for the books taken out in their names, in the issue book.

    Books that are returned from circulation will not be reissued until they have been checked as damaged, or other wise.

    If a book is lost or damaged the amount of the loss or damage will be assessed by the Hon. Secretary and the bill sent to the member.

    Those who hand back books see that the receipt of each book is registered in the issue book by date stamp.

  19. Books will be issued to members, subscribers and their relatives, personally but a messenger may be employed provided he brings a written authority from the member or subscriber. Separate written authority must be presented by the messenger on each occasion on which he is sent and this will be retained by the clerk on duty. Messenger will be given a written receipt for the books which they bring back. Members who employ messengers to convey their books to and from the library, do so at their own risk. If a book is lost or damaged amount will be assessed and the bill sent to the member.
  20. Serially numbered receipt shall be issued by the Librarian for all cheque/cash received on behalf of the Library and the amount shall be entered in the cash book immediately. All money shall be paid into the bank as soon as possible. The Librarian may be permitted to retain such amount as cash as the Hon. Secretary may consider necessary to meet petty cash current expenses, normally not exceeding Rs.10000/- except for salary disbursement
  21. No article or book shall be ordered and no payment shall be made except on the written order of the Hon. Secretary. All payments to vendor except petty expenses on repairs and Consumables will be properly annotated under the relevant Head with details on the Invoice, written by Hon. Secretary or Admin Supervisor for easy tracking of Account Head.
  22. The mutilation of newspapers and magazines is strictly prohibited and members or subscribers damaging papers, magazines or books shall pay for new copies.
  23. Silence shall be observed in the Reading Room and Library.
  24. Old Books, Papers and Periodicals shall be disposed off by auction to members and subscribers preferably half yearly as per laid down procedure, under supervision of Hon. Secretary or on other Committee Member on his behalf.


  1. The Trust, named as Managing Committee has two sections: One Executive and the other legislative.
  2. The Executive Wing consists of President (Equivalent of Chief Trustee), Hon. Secretary who acts the CEO and the Hon. Treasurer who will the financial controller and custodian of Library Assets (Capital and Current). The tenures are of 5 yrs. They are eligible for reelection.
  3. The other wing is largely legislative though some of it may be assigned portfolios with specific profiles/ assignments and PR duties. One of these, as selected by the President, from the recommended and willing committee members, will be designated as Chairman to Conduct Committee Meetings and decide on urgent issues in concurrence with the Executive Member in charge and controlling this domain in President’s absence.
  4. Attendance at Legislative and Executive wings in the Internal Committee Meetings is mandatory and the procedure of resignation/replacement in case of continued absence is well defined for strict compliance(3meetings consecutively).
  5. 15 Days before each Half Yearly General Meeting, Circular and Agenda is circulated through notice on Poona Club Reception bulletin board and e-mail as applicable. Queries are registered till 7 days before the meeting by Hon. Secretary for discussion as necessary. This will also be notified through the website.
  6. A copy of such Meetings and Agenda is sent to Charity Commissioner’s office for records.
  7. The Electoral General Body notice is sent minimum of 21 days in advance and all queries, questions for inclusion invited 10 days in advance (besides the website).
  8. Candidature forms for election to fill up the vacancies for Committee Members (except President, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer) in every such Electoral congress are invited till 7 days before the Meeting, with Candidates’ withdrawal in writing till 72 hrs. before the Meeting.
    Such forms for the President, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer who are to be the Trustees and form Executive Committee are invited till 14 days before and withdrawal 7 days before the Meeting.
  9. Any withdrawal after the expiry or deadline will be declared as a defeated candidate with 0 Vote and included in the final result as such.
  1. List of valid candidates for election is put up on Notice Board and circulated among members attending the meeting.
  2. The Charity Commissioner is approached simultaneously for appointment of an Election Officer who will preside and conduct the elections. He/ She will make out a report, get it duly signed by all candidates and outgoing President as applicable and submit this to Charity Commissioner with copy to United Services Library. Any candidate declining to sign the result sheet prepared by Election Officer / President will be so marked.
  3. The results of Elections will be announced by the Election Officer (or President of United Services Library if no Election Officer is deputed or available for this) immediately after these are finalized and tallied. Any objections/ recounting etc. will be settled on sport before official announcement of results. The Election Officer will present the election report and submit to Charity Commissioner as witnessed by present / outgoing Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer.
  4. It is mandatory for the report to be submitted to Charity Commissioner within 7 public working days. However, the new Committee will assume office w.e.f. 0001 hrs. on the next day itself.
  5. The new Committee will have its first meeting within the next 3 days when various portfolios and assignments will be decided. Minutes of these proceedings will form part of the Election report to Charity Commissioner.
  6. Unless an interim stay order is brought out as directed by Charity Commissioner, the acceptance of Change Report will be assumed by the Committee to seek necessary financial approval from Banks for continuing the business affairs of the United Services Library.
  7. Any contentious issues or differences related to these processes will be referred to Charity Commissioner by aggrieved party within 48 hrs.
  8. Any differences in internal functioning of the Committee will be resolved in Committee Meeting, Personally Chaired by the President.
  9. Resignation /dismissal of any member of Managing Committee will be decided in Committee Meeting with 2/3 of voting members and approved subsequently by Board of Trustees. Quorum of this Committee Meeting will be 7 members personally present and voting.